Dill dahl

5 mins
20 mins
Written By:
Neha Chandra

Want an ultra soothing dahl recipe that is simple, tasty and amazing for your gut? Look no further than dill dahl (love saying that!)

Dill has many great digestive qualities through it's anti-flatulent properies of reducing the formation of gas, bloating and flatulence swell as soothing indigestion. Moong dahl is most comforting dahl for digestion - I've used split yellow moong here. And cumin is the digestive spice with countless benefits, in particular for digestion (check out my instagram for all it's benefits).

This recipe is super simple, you can choose to pressure cook the dahl or cook over stove top. The rest of the steps from there you can pretty much do with your eyes closed (although I don't recommend that).

Enjoy the flavour bursting subtle, citrusy and nutty combo in this delicious gut-soothing dahl!

5 mins
20 mins

Dill dahl


  • 1 bunch of fresh dill leaves chopped
  • 1 cup of Moong Dahl (or you can use red lentils)
  • 1 green chilli slit
  • 1/2 tsp turmeric
  • 1 tsp ghee or oil
  • 1 tsp cumin seeds
  • Squeeze of a lemon
  • Salt to taste


Cook dahl (either in pressure cooker or over the stove) until soft

Add slit green chilli and turmeric (and a pinch of pepper to boost absorption)

In a separate small pan add ghee or oil

Once warm add in cumin seeds (optional to add in some sliced garlic here) after you can smell it's aroma, add in the chopped dill

Add in salt and lemon to taste

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