on the Silk Road

by Neha Chandra

I started on the Silk Road to bring people along my journey to wellness through natural healing wonders, one of which are spices.

Spices have been a huge part of my life - they conjure moments of connection over a masala chai, bring comfort by soothing an upset stomach and they make for the most flavoursome dishes!

I became more curious about spices for wellbeing after experiencing my own ongoing gut and skin issues. I kept coming back to my childhood recipes for healing. This curiosity led me to expand and share my knowledge in the hopes to empower people to incorporate spices into their lives in an effortless way, to experience their magical healing properties.

Historically, spices were nature's medicine cabinet with each spice providing powerful health benefits for most common ailments.

Spices became accessible to the modern world via the main trading route called, the Silk Road. The Road served as a conduit for not only goods such as silk and spices but also, cultures, art, knowledge, ideas and beliefs from the East to the West.

This is exactly what I hope to achieve by sharing the health benefits, tips on how to use and recipes for each of these exotic spices.

The path to wellness does not need to be restrictive. It can be vibrant, flavourful and fun. Join me on the Silk Road, a flavourfilled journey to enriched living.

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